Friday, 4 November 2011

Working with Beryl - is it sketching?

I've spent several days in a fog of nasty bugs, as it becomes increasingly clear that my model for managing selection (as discussed in week one) was wrong. I've implemented an alternative, but it doesn't work yet.

On to more cheerful matters - Beryl has proposed a mini-workshop for my first week in Auckland, since Gem Stapleton is visiting that week too. Beryl summarised the relevant research interests of those involved, and said that I was working on "sketching for visual programming" (with a query whether that was correct).

So that was a nice point for reflection. It's certainly true that I've asked to work with Beryl because the work her group does on sketching will be a valuable input to the layer language. As to whether my stuff is sketching, I don't think anything I've done yet looks like any previous piece of work in the sketching community. But on the other hand, it definitely builds on the ideas of mixed-formality representations described in the paper that Luke, Beryl and I wrote with Dave Gray.

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