Saturday, 26 November 2011

Standardising geometry

I resisted the temptation, when I started coding, to create my own basic geometry classes - the Java libraries are full of dependencies on basic classes like Point and Rectangle. But they seem to require far more mundane repetition than you might hope from an object oriented language (C++ operator overloading and auto-type casting, where are you when I need you).

I didn't mind at first, because it was kind of meditative, doing all those repeated operations of x + width, y + height and so on. But I finally cracked, and created some new Point and Rectangle classes (well, Location and BoundingBox) that do everyday stuff more conveniently. Of course, now that I have 10,000 lines of code, much of it doing geometry, I wished I'd started a lot earlier. And quite a few things didn't work afterward.

Never mind. Almost back to where I started, and my ink has bounding boxes again.

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