Monday, 3 October 2011

Day 1 begins - what do you say after you say Hello World?

Starting a blog seems like a distraction activity, but several people have asked me to keep a 'reflective diary' of my work on this project - so here you are.

On the first Monday morning in October, I think I've managed to close down all regular collaborative activities around Crucible and the University, and have mothballed my office in the Computer Lab.

First priority is to get immersed in the new tool set I'll be using - and I don't mean Blogger! Target platform is Java graphics, ideally running on an Android tablet. Luke Church has recommended IntelliJ IDEA, rather than the standard Android development platform of Eclipse. The disadvantage of IntelliJ is that many of the Android start-up tutorials assume Eclipse. However, I took the precaution of getting a Hello World application running last week, while I still had access to advice (and a purchasing budget) in the event of a total breakdown in the build chain. By the end of that, I wished that I had started this diary earlier, to document the inevitable ups and downs of the new tool user - but my estimate would be about 5-10 hours of work, spread over the previous 2 weeks, before I had the words Hello World on the screen of a Motorola Xoom.

That was last Wednesday, after which a couple of days panic in the office closing things down, a last concert with the Sampson Orchestra (great soprano - Anna Dennis), and Sunday cleaning out the loft for my temporary office. That gets us to Monday morning - perhaps this will be the last and only diary entry for the 12 months, in which case, thanks for reading, and sorry.

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