Saturday, 11 October 2014

Final Publication

To mark the end of the Palimpsest experiment, a paper has finally been published that describes the result.

This link provides free download until October 31, 2014:,No1TceVp

Blackwell, A.F. (2014). Palimpsest: A layered language for exploratory image processing. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing 25(5), pp. 545-571.
Palimpsest is a novel purely-visual language intended to support exploratory live programming. It demonstrates a new paradigm for the visual representation of constraint programming that may be appropriate to future generations of keyboardless and touchscreen devices. The current application domain is that of creative image manipulation, although the paradigm can support a wider range of computational expression. The combination of constraint semantics expressed via a novel image-layering metaphor provides a new approach to supporting a gradual slope of abstraction from direct manipulation to behaviour specification. Exploratory evaluations with a range of users give an indication of likely audiences, and opportunities for future development and application.

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