Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Visualising parameter bindings

James Noble has been to visit, and given lots of useful advice. He also chastised me for not keeping up a daily diary of my development work. This is almost solely due to the low bandwidth of my modem connection, and the fact that Blogger has to download a Javascript editor every time I make a new post (typically a 10-15 minute load time on the page, at speeds around 300 bps). Lots of things have been happening, but I haven't necessarily written about them.

Nevertheless, a brief update on a piece of recent work - I've changed the visualisation of parameter bindings, so that they look like little inserts within the layer. A rather simple metaphor, but at least visually distinctive. There's a sample in the image above - it is a snapshot of a filter layer that has two parameters, one referring to an image value, and the to a mask value that has been applied to that image.

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